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Cafe History


A brief history of the Tech Express Cafe

The Café was conceptualized as a joint project with the Scott College of Business (SCOB) Senior Business Experience (BUS 401) class and the College of Technology (COT) student organizations Females in Technology and Technology Student Leadership Council. Start-up funding was obtained through a grant from Community Engagement with the assistance of the Lilly Endowment. The Café projects in the SCOB and the COT are intended to serve as learning laboratories to provide opportunities for experiential learning and collaboration between the two Colleges.

 The objectives of the Tech Express Cafe project include:

  • Provide opportunities for students to work in a problem-based environment to build professional skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset that promotes innovation
  • Bring students from different disciplines together to work in teams and build their network
  • Develop innovative ways to raise funds for student organizations through profit-sharing
  • Encourage and promote community service and student engagement outside of the classroom

The Tech Express Café and the Executive Express Café were awarded the ISU President’s Collaboration Award in 2015-16 and were granted funds to expand and enhance operations of these learning laboratories. Details about the Collaboration & Innovation project>>